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Thermal cutting is often an efficient method used by the heavier metal industry to cut, chop and disassemble various materials.


Metal cutting methods form an essential part of the strong foundation of the Europena metal industry. The common name for the above methods is  thermal cutting “oxy-fuel welding and cutting” or “thermal cutting”….


Suomen Polttoleikkaus Oy has solved customers' needs since 2005.  We specialize in the sale of flame cutting torches and instruments, such as oxygen lances and Harris-branded tools, as well as the rental business of professional flame cutters.

Through us, you can order flame cutting professionals to work on site, as well as flame cutting tools and accessories to help you handle and break up scrap metal and industrial demolition work.

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Solve the challenges of recruitment, orientation, and labor shortages and hire a professional torch cutter.

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Order skilled and experienced torch cutters with high motivation to do their job well and efficiently.

   The service is designed to be as easy and suitable as possible to your needs. Ask more!

Why should you rent a professional?


With the help of oxygen lances, stainless steel, cast iron and other difficult-to-handle material can be cut to the required size. 

Easily and quickly order the right amount of oxygen lances . Direct factory deliveries with more than a decade of experience.

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Orders and inquiries,

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