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Polttoleikkaaja leikkaa valurautaista metallia työmaalla


As an outsourced temporary workforce, our gas cutter works on your site for both shorter and long-term projects.

Why hire a gas cutter if I could hire my own employee?

  • Temporary labor is an easy, flexible and cost-effective way for a company to get labor.

  • If the need is not continuous but rather seasonal, temporary workers can only be hired for the necessary period.

  • Absenteeism, projects, or peak hours can result in an acute additional need for professionals.

  • If your own resources for incineration or demolition are limited, it is best to outsource them to experts.

  • Wrong recruitment can be a significant expense for the company as well as reputational damage if not all the twists and turns of recruitment can be taken into account.

  • Employee training and induction period takes a lot of own resources before the employee does productive work for the company

  • How do you keep your employee's motivation high - take into account the workload factors that appear, e.g. as sick leave.

  • The availability and persistence of flammers in companies as employees, i.e. the general interest in a heavy task, can be a problematic issue.

Our workers skills

  • Gas cutting with oxyfuel cutters or with oxygen lances

  • Control of material handling equipment (Fuchs, Volvo, BobCat)

  • Weld

  • Asbestos demolition (EU certificate)

All workers have a fire work card, an occupational safety card and a Valttikortti- card. Suomen Polttoleikkaus Oy and its partners are  A reliable partner that fulfills all of Finland's act on the contractor's liability obligations .


The Finnish Fire Cutters are all experienced fire cutters who work with high work ethic. Many flammers have been working for the same company since 2011. The employees are familiar and reliable and have experience in several different flame cutting projects. Our fire cutters have work experience in both Sweden and Finland. The firefighters are Latvian and speak Russian or English.


We have a total of more than 30 years of experience in the scrap metal industry and flame cutting . With the help of our great partners, we solve our customers' challenges easily and flexibly.

Mia Rantamäki

managing director

Polttoleikkaaja työssä leikkaa valurautaista rengasta työmaalla
Construction Site

What are the needs of your company?

  • Do you keep accumulating material that should get processed, but time just isn’t enough?

  • Is there a larger amount of material in sight to handle, and do you need helping hands temporarily? 

  • Are your current employees constantly on sick leave, retiring and it is difficult to recruit skilled workers to replace them?


With our cutting service, we solve employee challenges easily and flexibly.

Construction Management

The work starts quickly and easily

We know that time is money and our service is praised as really fast, simple and reliable.


As a service that saves effort and money. When a professional is involved, you can focus on your own core competencies, while our skilled flammers take care of the rest.  


A domestic contact / representative for your company who will catch you on the phone if you have any questions.


Finland has strict legislation on the use of foreign workers.  We have years of experience and expertise in this matter as well.  We take care of all official notifications on your behalf.

Metal Furnace

Flexible and efficient service

We are responsible for ensuring that professional workers are on site as agreed.  All you have to do is get acquainted and supervise the work.  


Our cutters have a lot of experience working in different places and they can quickly get on the map in different environments.


Our cutters are conscientious and skillful. We really respect their skills.


Occupational safety is very important to us and that is why our gas cutters always work in pairs.  In this way, the work will also be done faster.  


We want to be the best in Finland!

By renting a gas cutter, you get:

  • An experienced and competent professional with years of experience e.g. operating in scrap yards.

  • An employee who has all the protective equipment and tools with him and who is insured.

  • A gas cutter with a hot license card, an occupational safety card, a Valttikortti- card as well as an asbestos work card (EU).

  • Smooth customer service as well as a partner who handles regulatory obligations in an exemplary manner.

Get the professionals to your aid!

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